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Comprehensive suite of services for Legacy Systems



Core legacy systems are often at the heart of a business. We understand the challenges involved and will evaluate and recommend modernization or complete migration of your legacy systems.



Dedicated Web Consultants's legacy systems support services include expert technical support, software updates, part repair and replacement, and training tailored to meet your operational needs with you round-the-clock support



Our broad expertise allows us to provide support, maintenance and repair services on a wide variety of equipment including but not limited to: IBM AIX, DEC PDP-11, VAX, Alpha, HP

Modernization at the pace of your business

Businesses can take the initial step by examining legacy code to understand its structure and complexity—and how to make future improvements. They can convert outdated code to a modern language and then migrate the application to a modern-infrastructure platform. After migration, many will want to tackle the end goal of modernization: integration of essential digital technologies like cloud, mobile, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced analytics. DWC can help you with every step of this process to ensure your critical data integrity and availability throughout this process.

Minimize Business Interruption

Our approach incorporates both IT and business realities into the process. When a legacy modernization project is underway, rest assured there is no “code freeze” or operational downtime. It’s business as usual during development for the greater organization.

Cutting-Edge process

The process of updating old code can be a monumental procedure, involving millions of lines across multiple platforms. We utilize the latest automation and virtualization tools to provide the best update path to complicated legacy applications. After migration, the new codebase and interface remains similar to that of the legacy system, reducing the need for IT and end-user training.

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